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Startup bug on HiveOS startup for fan speed and hashrate

Hello everyone, I am experiencing a bug that does not have a clear pattern (or at least, one I could exactly reproduce). In short, sometimes it happens that, after booting, one of my cards (Zotac 1080 Ti) starts mining with a 100% fan speed and a slightly lower hashrate than normal (roughly 41.8 instead of 42.5). Fan speed plateaous down to its normal value after a minute or so, but the hashrate does not change. I tried rebooting a few times with no luck. Other details about the bug context:

  • I am using AutoFan to manage fan speed;
  • the 1080 Ti is the only card in the rig affected by this bug;
  • overclock settings for the card have been working successfuly for a while (C 100 M -300 PL 230)

Has anyone noticed a similar behaviour before? It is not really a big issue, but I’d like at least to understand what is going on. Thank you!

try disabling autofan and see if there’s still any issue

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Thanks for the advice. I tried playing around with AutoFan, disabling it at the startup or keeping the max fan speed at a fixed value. Whn AutoFan is disabled, the issue still occurs. However, when I enable AutoFan and set a maximum speed value that is below 100%, that walue is respected by the 1080 Ti.

I have noticed that the bug would always happen whenever I reboot the rig after OC settings raised errors. In some cases, if I manually stop and start the miner, the bug would go away and be gone through several reboots.

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