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Stale shares threshold - per rig or per farm?

Hi there,
I’m from New Zealand mining to APAC server. (wish there was one is Australia)

There was a cable cut yesterday, outside of Perth. This has affected my ISP’s link to Singapore (where the Hiveon server is) This has increased my latency to the server slightly.

I have 4 workers in my farm, which is now averaging 3.34% stales across the farm, up from around 1.5% normally.

However 2 of my rigs are just above 4.1% stales.

I have read that if you go above 5% - you have 48 hours to get below 5% again, otherwise you get blacklisted.

My question is, the 5%, is that across all workers or averaged across the farm? Where can I find out if I have crossed the 5% threshold?

I’m quite worried about this, as it will take a couple of weeks for this cable to get fixed. Considering moving to Binance pool (better latency) for a couple of weeks until things sort themselves out.

Can anyone offer a bit more insight into how stales work and when you get blacklisted?