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Stable version vs new Updates

I’ve directly downloaded latest stable version from website which is [email protected] And once I have booted my rig and it is showing new update is available which is [email protected] . Should I upgrade it ? :thinking:
How to know if this is beta or stable release ? :roll_eyes:
My rig is ok now. So can I ignore the updates for now. ? :unamused:

As far as I know every release is ‘beta.’ The latest one is largely broken (for me, and a few others), but honestly its part of the new features (‘Enhanced boot sequence’ that is broken). I’m using a release several versions old; because it works, and the miners versions that i’m using are unchanged; so if you want to save yourself hours of troubleshooting don’t touch it.

Ok, thanks. I switched to another os now, as hiveos not detecting my LAN when reboot occurs. I have to manually unplug LAN cable, then wait for it to boot and show waiting for network, then I have to plug LAN cable, that is the only way I find out that internet is working in hiveos. I’m not getting this issue in another main miner os. (Still i liked this better.)

I’m using asus B550 motherboard, maybe driver support is pending in hiveos for this motherboard I don’t know.

Yeah have only heard bad things about the B550 chipset/motherboard in general. The Asus Mining b250 didn’t really get ‘stability’ until 2019 (via Bios update.) But that stuff runs like a tank now, and just in time; I’m afraid of upgrading anything as the down time is $$$ and the benefit doesn’t exist.

Imagine missing out on 10 blocks in the manner of 5 minutes after searching for half an hour because your rig is rebooting.

Windows rigs are ‘ok’ when they aren’t updating itself and you are in the same location when this happens.

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