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Stability issues with one 3070ti

I built my rig a couple of months ago and since day one im having this issue.
I got 8 3070TI Zotac and 7/8 can handle my 1140 2300 200 OC, but the other one is not able to go higher than 1100 in memory.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Swap cards around and see if the issue follows the card, riser, cables, psu etc etc. some cards don’t oc as high as others.

Also, when troubleshooting you should make sure everything is up to date. Flash the latest stable image, update hive to the latest version make sure you’re using the latest miner software etc.

I tried it but nothing.
Im using the 5.10.0-hiveos #110, nbminer 41.5 and have the hiveos updated.

i know the problem is in my GPU 0, but cant understand what that error means.
My Load Average goes so high when this happens.

Why aren’t you using the latest nbminer? Lower the mem clock on the problem card until it’s stable, if it doesn’t stop crashing troubleshoot the cables/riser/psu etc by switching the card position and seeing if the error follows the card or any of the other variables.

If i use the 42.2 my rig crashs much faster, the 41.5 works better for me.
I will try that again, thank you!

Do you know how can i change just my kernel?
I was ussing an older version and it worked so much better
Just this, no the hiveos.

Kernel is tied to the base image, flash an older image if you want to downgrade, but I don’t think it’s going to help your issue.

I dont think that its going to fix my issue, but i cant get my rig stable with the new one.
How can i install the version 0.6-217@220518 with the Kernel 5.4.0-hiveos #140 using the shell in a box? I cant find it in the list :frowning:


It’s #5 in the hive-replace list. But again, that’s likely not going to solve your issue but you’re welcome to try it.

This is my number 5, it says 0.6.208, not sure if it is the one im looking for :thinking:

if youre looking for kernel 5.4.0 #140, thats it

Ok, im going to try it. Thanks!

you likely just have card that doesn’t oc as well. From what I have been told and understand when they make cards and the sheets of chips, when they cut the sheets the ones from closer to the edges of the sheets don’t have as many chips and then don’t oc as well. I currently have 6- 3070 ti lhr cards in my rig, they are sequential serial number cards. Two of them no matter what I do I can’t run the same oc settings as I do on the other 4. No matter what I try I have found a stable set of settings for those two cards and I can’t do anything else with them or they crash. You prob have the same issue, so once you find settings that work, don’t touch that one card.

Well, idk whenever i upgraded my kernel I get issues with crashed “Gpu drivers errors”
when a new update of the kernel comes it get crashed also

OC : 1550 / 1800

If you’re mining eth that core clock is much higher than needed. Lower to 900 or so and then each crash lower the mem clock and reboot. The goal is to find the highest stable mem clock and lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.

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