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SSL Certificate verify failed + Lower hash on Phoenix 5.1D

Hi all,

woke up this morning to find 5 hours all rigs had been knocked off, some were ‘offline’ and others were sitting doing nothing.

logs revealed this…

Eth: Connecting to ethash pool ssl:// (proto: EthProxy)
Eth: Connected to SSL ethash pool (
Eth: Unable to establish secure connection to ssl:// certificate verify failed

updated to latest OS, still same error.

Switched to non SSL

one rig was showing this…

Eth: Mining Unknown on > for 0:01
Eth: Accepted shares 0 (0 stales), rejected shares 0 (0 stales)
**Eth: Incorrect shares 0 (0.00%), est. stales percentage 0.00% **
Eth: Average speed (5 min): 0.000 MH/s
Eth: Effective speed: 0.00 MH/s; at pool: 0.00 MH/s

Eth: Failed to establish connection - timeout
Eth: Reconnecting in 5 seconds…

Upgraded all the systems to latest build with Phoenix 5.1D, and found all systems repored lower hashrate by 2MH

went back to 5.1C and now rigs @ 655 from 653


I confirm slightly less mhs for latest phoenix. I’ve upgraded today.

Sadly i moved my rigs back to the hiveon ETH pool. one by one they were being ‘offline’ or not mining at all.

is this normal for the current status when connecting to the ETH pool?

I get the exact same problems when mining on the hiveon ETC pool; so i have abandoned all hope with using this pool.

is it possible to organise a time with someone from the team to look at why i cant get stable rigs on ETC?

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