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Ssh or ping failed in two machine hiveos

I have two machine with hiveos installed (HiveA and HiveB) and a laptop with windows installed. The laptop can connect to the two hive machined and vice versa without problem (ssh and ping) using the local IP.
But, the two hiveos machine can not ping or ssh using their local IP. Do you know how to ssh between two machine hiveos (two rig with same account)?

Thank you
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So they are working correctly, the only issue you have is not being able to ping each other?

Are all devices on the same subnet? Do you have ssh enabled on the rigs?

Please check my attached image. This is a new hive installed. So, I still not yet modified anything and let discuss about ping only. Because I am new in linux and I use this command (ping) to check if a computer connect to another or not.

All computer in same network. So, I use the local IP like 192.168.1.X
I am running the console in same time (open multiple console) to testing this.
As you can see, the windows and hive can ping vice versa without any of problem.
But, two hive machine fail to ping one with another.

Are hive prevent two machine to ping one with another ?
If yes, how to make two machine can connect one with another.

I can mining without problem in this two hive machine. But, I am confused why two hive machine can not connect one with another.

Thank you

There isnt anything in hive keeping them from pinging other rigs, I just tested on multiple of mine with no issue.

Can you post net-test results from both rigs?

Do you have ssh enabled on the workers?

I am planned to use ssh between two hive os IN THE FUTURE. But, first I checked the connection between this two hive and get the two hive not connected one to another.

I have attached net-test result from two hive machine.

I have set “ssh enabled” in the workers setting (from web dashboard). And try to disable too. But, the ping command still failed between this two hive.

Thank you

Odd for sure. Is there any oddities about your setup? Running anything on VMs?

Or is this just a standard home network with the 3 pcs all physically connected to the same router?

I am only general user with subscribe to internet home (router from internet provider). The family device (laptop, PC, phone, etc) connected to this router as our primary internet connection. The problem only show in my rig installed with hiveos.
My previous rig for hive1 use ubuntu. The Laptop/PC (windows), ubuntu and hive2 can ping/ssh one with another.
The problem only shown when I am try to connect two hive machine (testing using ping).
I am try to use the new hive version installed and try to ping (after usb flash) and the problem still shown.

So, if the problem related with internet provider, why windows, ubuntu and hive can ping/ssh
The problem still shown using new hive installed to usb disk

The problem only shown when try to connect two machine installed hive.
Not sure about why this problem shown.

Thank you