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SRBMulti not connecting to RXD pools

Whenever I try to connect to a RXD pool with SRB Multi it fails to connect to the node. I can connect to any RXD pool with BZ Miner but not with SRB Multi. I currently have a windows pc connected as well and it connects to RXD pools using SRB Multi with no issues

Post a screenshot of your config and error messages/miner log etc

sorry it wont let me upload screenshot says I am too new of a user only joined forums to deal with issue

I changed your permissions, try now

If you are running any AMD GPUs: Have you tried SRB 2.2.3 vs 2.2.4?

Here is a screenshot of the miner crashing with the error on screen and the other is my flightsheet I get the error no matter what pool I try to connect to well I have at least tried Rplant and as well as Woolypooly as in the screenshots above

Thanks I just did that and no probs connected to pool 1st go

Disable the cpu in extra config, also I would recommend using the default %WAL% %URL% etc etc instead of manually typing in everything. Just removes one more possible place to make a mistake.

What oc are you running? Have you tried a more conservative oc?

i have tried several OC’s there is something wrong with SRB because if i tell it it to use the previous version it works fine with the exact flight sheet as shown above if i try the latest it wont work i will attach a screenshot showing the flight sheet with working settings NB: the miner running to the right in the screenshot is my windows rig running latest SRB with no issues

srb works fine for me on latest. try fixing your config im not sure why you have cpu enabled then tell it to use 0 threads instead of just disabling it.

does srb work on latest with conservative OCs?

OK i just removed the threads from cpu in flight sheet and it worked I also did a clean install so 1 of those things I did just fixed it

I would like to thank all those that took the time to help me thankyou very much I appreciate your time and your help