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Srb 2.2.8

just installed the latest update and with no change to flight sheet wouldnt connect to pool not only that it stopped the other cards that I have on GMiner connecting to pool as well set SRB back to 2.2.6 in flight sheet and both miners connected to the pool the last 2 updates from SRB have not been good for me at all

what error were you getting?

failure to connect to pool on both SRB and Gminer when I have SRB 2.2.8 running set SRB to run on 2.2.6 and no problem 2.2.7 also cut my hash rate from just over 500mh to 260 mh on my 6600xt lost hash on all cards with 2.2.7 which i guessed would happen with efficiency updates but to loose around 50% is not right

just tried 2.2.8 again and it is working now no idea wtf was going on and this update has fixed the massive loss hash on 6600xt that i experienced with 2.2.7