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Sporadic GPU unit missing

Hi there,

i have the issue same like may others here with my GPU Units. My configuration is:

I have installed:
8x Gigabyte RX 6700 XT
4x Asus RX 6700 XT

on TB360 BTC Pro

with 2x BTC Maxpower MX-2000W 2000W Power Supply

Sometimes all 12 cards are initialized but only mine 10 cards, sometimes only 11 cards are initialized and only 9 cards mine.

The cards are identical and were bought at the same time.

All cable plugs and risers have been checked several times.

Last Mainboard Bios Update also flashed, also the PCI-E setting in the bios are set to GEN2.

HiveOS has been also re-installed and updated to the last version.

I spend more than 4 days to get the rig to run stably, but unfortunately without success. I’ve tried almost everything now.
I have read similar problems from other users here in the community. However, there was unfortunately no help from the HiveOS team or from other users.

Have I wasted my time unnecessarily with HiveOS?

Is there any direct help from the HiveOS team?

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Hey nanial,

thanks for your reply. I have do those settings except the PCI-E settings, I have take GEN2 you use GEN1. I will try it also with GEN1, but i doesn’t think that will solve my issue.

By the way, how much GPU you have run and which brand and model ?


I dont have one …but frients who has the is no restriction to type of cards… i think is all about bios corrections…

Happy mining

If you have any problems with this mother board after settings… check on discord (hiveos ) …

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