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Split GPU’s to different ETH wallets

I have an X12 MinerDude case. I have 6 gpu running to my Eth wallet. I want to add another 6 cards to the case and have them mine Eth as well, but I’m wanting to send them to another wallet. I am managing cards for a friend is why I’m wanting to do this.

Can I set up a dual flight sheet to make this work? I’d designated each line for what gpu goes to the correct wallet.

Currently not running hiveOS, but if I can do this I’ll be switching today.

i dont think you can use two flight sheets on the same rig. One is always the default and as i see you have an option to make the otherone default. You dont have option to select rig and choose which cards to work with which flight sheet.

I think that is possible with two flight sheets or more miners in one flight sheet. Most miners have parameter like “device 0,1,2,3” - mine on 1st, 2nd, 3hd 4th card. “device 7, 8” - mine on 8th and 9th card. See your miner docs for details.

yeah you are very right dude. you can add in flight sheet additional miner and if you can tell the miners which cards to use you can specify for each miner different wallets and there you go. :slight_smile:

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