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Specific GPU makes whole rig deactivate

Hey everyone,
I have a rig that is supposed to have 4 GPUs installed on it. 2x 3080’s, 1x 3080TI and lastly 1x 3090. Whenever I install the 3090 on the rig, the rig won’t even boot but it does turn on. The MB used to make a few bipping sounds which I have resolved by turning C.A.M off in the BIOS setting. 4g is also enabled. To clear any doubts, I have also thoroughly reviewed the cables and even changed risers, but the problem still hasn’t been fixed. With C.A.M off, and the 4 GPUs connected I am however able to boot and mine but only on 1 GPU which is the concerned GPU (3090). The other 3 GPUs are detected but with “MALFUNCTION” shown under each of them. Additionally, to make the 3 GPUs run, I need to re-enter into the BIOS and turn C.A.M back on. I have also tried switching PCI-E slots but to no avail. My hypothesis is that the issue is linked to: 1) OC or my power consumption, I could be wrong but can’t think of something else I could do. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

start by making sure your bios is up to date, then set all the recommended settings Motherboard setup

Calculate whether the power of your power supplies matches the power that your video cards consume. Power must be selected with reserve.

I am 100% certain that the PSU can sustain the GPU. Do you mean put it into the settings explicitly?

I have set all the recommended settings from that link. Pretty sure I haven’t updated the BIOS though should I do that ?

I would update the bios yeah, usually best practice to make sure thats on the latest before digging into more troubleshooting

Ok will update the BIOS and update you guys :slight_smile:

Ok so I have updated the BIOS and the problem is still present. Kinda lost on what I could do. If any of you have any suggestions
pls let me know

try changing the riser, swapping all the wires, this most often helped me.

Ok might try that because I haven’t switched every cable of the rig, will have to buy cables. However, how could it be possible though its the cable because the rig is working fine until I put a 4th GPU (no matter which one btw) where it can’t even load in BIOS or the HiveOS UI

Try different slots/pots, and make sure your bios settings are being can also search to see if anyone had similiar issues with the same board/chipset, sometimes a brand will name a setting slightly different from the norm