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SONOA algo

Is there a way to add SONOA algo to a wallet config?

At present time there some lifehack. It can be done at 2 steps:

  • don’t choose any algo from algo dropdown list
  • at ‘Extra arguments for miner’ put
"algo": "sonoa"

Thanks very much. I must be nearly there now.

It isnt working yet, but it must be the fork I think. I am using CCminer.

Yep, swapped fork to Enemy and we are away.

Thank you @HaloGenius

Yes, I forgot to remind you that this should be an enemy fork of ccminer

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With the new version of Hive, this no longer seems to work. :frowning:

You cant keep the Algo blank.

I think it’s time to add sonoa algorithm to the ccminer drop-down list

Is that something I can do?

Thanks for your continued help @HaloGenius

OK, it has been added to the OS. Thanks :slight_smile:

and again after your report :wink: