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Something went wrong with HiveOS network

Today after I rebooted my farm something went wrong with its network. I did ‘net-test’, see the screenshot.

My internet connection and the local network are OK, at least another Windows machine accesses the internet normally with the same cable and I can ping ‘’ from it, for example.

What else can I do to check what is happening?

My HiveOS version is 0.6-57@190710

Which motherboard do you have?

See my solution to Asrock H110 and Asus B250 that uses e1000e NIC
[Update e1000e ethernet chip module driver /hive/opt/e1000e/](https://Update e1000e ethernet chip module driver /hive/opt/e1000e/

Having the same issue now. All of my other devices can connect to my WAP just fine, but recently my rig has started connecting to the wifi after reboot, but then after the miners start, it no longer has connection to the internet. Doing net-test yields the same results as in your screenshot.