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Some RX580 stop working after 3 minutes

hi there,

i just got back into mining. stoped a year ago with mining on ethos and i am just new to hiveOS - i like it a lot so far. My 12 x Sapphire Nitro RX580 8 GB on a ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ ran perfectly on ethOS on nanopool with 31mhs each.

Now after a one year break i fired up the rig on hive and 4 cards stop mining after 1-3 minutes after start. all on 31mhs but then the stop working and i am getting the error below. there is a vbios i upgrade i did a year ago on them (all the same) and no OC/UC set up in hive.
using ethminer on hiveon - any other recomendations here?

maybe someone could point me, an old mining veteran but with a rusty brain, in the right direction :)?

greetings and thanks in advance,


btw, what says the % stat after the temp?

Нужен хороший биос

Hi there, thanks for your reply. you mean vbios for the gpus? would you flash them via hiveos?

I can configure through hiveos


so, i switched all my cards again (nitro+) via the bios switch to the oem vbios now all cards are runing constantly.

…but low hash high watt … so i guess i have to do a better vbios flash

For other guys with the same problem.

Just bring down the the Auto Fan settings down from 70 C° to 67 C°
The problem ist that sometimes the internal heat protection of the card will shut down the card before HiveOS does.

After setting to 67 C° you have time to down volt your system.

F.e.for a RX 580 to 830 VDD and a RX 480 to 900 VDD.
After tuning you can set the value back to 70 C°

Thats the way i tune new cards.

If some cards in your Rig are hotter than others from the same type of manufacture it is time to change termal paste at the hot cards (or they are in the middle ofthe rig).



also a good tip from mansey.

for others following: i auto-tuned all oem bios with polaris and got my micron cards to this stats:

still looking for a good vbios/oc for the samsung cards and a way to get the w lower on the micron

I can’t get my cards past 29MH

Your cards are not bios modded right? As i see your OC settings they are too high wven watts. You have to bios mod them and put something lik this… 1150 core clock 850 core voltage, 2050 memory clock, 800 memory controller voltage.

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