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Some Help with Underclock

Hi! im trying to get the same hashrate and power consumption as windows but i dont know how to undervolt the core voltage, i try on the amd tunning setting it to 850 and on the fine tunning the claymore command but nothing happens, can somebody gimme a hand ? thx in advance ! :smile:

Here’s what I am using for ETC/SIA and seems to be working fine:

CORE_CLOCK = 1200 1200 1200 1200
CORE_STATE = 4 4 4 4
CORE_VDDC = 950 950 950 950
MEM_CLOCK = 2200 2200 2200 2200
FAN = 75 75 75 75

I have the fans set at a minimum via the claymore config override with

-fanmin 70

but that’s because I’m not using an open air rig so my cards tend to get a tad hotter. Depending on your hardware variables, you might want to turn that down as I’m probably shortening the lifespan of my GPU fans.

Current ETC/SIA hash rates are:

121 MH/s / 1.82 GH/s

NOTE: With another mining OS I was able to get the GPU’s Core Clock down to 1170 but having that set here causes constant reboots. 1200 seems to be a stabilized setting but I only have a couple hours of testing done thus far.