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SOLVED: Wrong RX 570 bios, crashing WiFi and miner

I was flashing a bios and accidentally selected the wrong one. I had a MSI RX 570 8gb that had “Micron MT51J256M32 113-D00033-M01“. I chose “ SK Hynix H5GC8H24AJR xxx-xxx-xxx” from a Gigabyte card. It flashed, and now my miner won’t start unless I remove this card. I have tried reflashing with the old bios, but it just hangs and gets stuck I think. Stuck saying it is in progress. To top it off, if I leave it trying to reflash it crashes my entire network connection somehow (wireless and hardwire). Card in, network crash? Card out, network fine? Miner is hardwired, through WiFi router, crash. So I connected direct to modem, still crashes, then I remove the one card, network fine? What the heck?

SOLVED: by booting hiveos in maintenance mode with drivers, it didn’t try to start the miner, so didn’t crash before I could get it changed. Finally! Got it flashed, and hashing away again!

GPU cant crash your whole system. if you get wrong bios , GPU will not work. use force flash, it shouldnt take long for flashing.

I tried force flash, ignore warning. It won’t complete the flash. I know it shouldn’t crash my network, but somehow it does. Wherever HiveOS hangs in startup has to have something to do with it? I repeated several times, card in - I lose my internet connection from modem (not WiFi) card out, modem connects and everything starts working. It’s bananas!

try hooking it in some other PC and see if you can fix it.

Couldn’t get that to work either, kept getting “wrong subset” error or something. But solved it finally by booting hiveos in maintenance mode with drivers. It didn’t try to start the miner, so didn’t crash before I could get it changed. Finally!

When you flash a card always stop miners before doing it.

Thanks for the tip, still learning. I only installed hiveos 3 days ago, so still learning everything

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