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[solved]Teamredminer No reported Hashrate on Cruxpool

i am using Teamredminer v0.8.6.2 on cruxpool with two 6600xt. Works very well, but i can’t get the reported hashrate work with Teamredminer.

Here my configs:

Very interessting is, that i can only connect, if i am using two URLs in the flightsheet
if i’m using only one URL, TRM keeps reconnectiong…

maybe you can help me?

okay, this was easy, i just have to set the “wokername” in the “Woker name” and not in “Wallet and woker”

Hi can you please share the settings here or personally? I am trying to do the same connect HiveOS → Cruxpool via TRM. Thanks a million.

i hope this will help you.

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Thanks so much. So only wallet address on Wallet and Worker Template field. Then is the workername format… username.workername?

Just fill it exactly like in the screenshots. the workername will be automaticly you hiveos woker name.
if in the cruxpool dashboard the workername “0”, then your hiveos wokername is to long.

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Do I input the extra config arguments on the same configuration or on a separate one?

I prefere to store the Flightsheets, Wallets and OC Templates on your Account (just clicking the “Hive OS” Icon in the upper left corner)

All that stuff is global avalible for all your Farms, Rigs, Workers.

The “extra config arguemts” i put in the Worker Template, because this is specific to that Worker/Server"

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Thanks man. The miner is working but I am still unable to get it to show on my Cruxpool dashboard. Does the username of Cruxpool have to match the worker name on HiveOS? Are you on Discord or Telegram for a quick chat?

i send you a PM with my discord. but please share the solution here, for the rest of the community.

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