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[SOLVED] RX 560 mining only at 20Kh/sec each on neoscrypt, instead of 300kH each


All is explained in the tittle : i have a RX 560 rig , i moved from Windows to HiveOS just for fun , and for testing , and i got this prblm.
Attached in picture my conf of my wallet

Driver problm ?? dont think so ??
My rig work perfect
Whatever i try to mine , same prblm on equihash , and same prblm on every pool , whatever the pool whetever the miner , whatever the GPU config (OC) , whatever the crypto …

If someone can help me , could be great :))

AFAIK there could be some extra config options

Hum ok , but where are they and what are they ??

and above all …why there is so many differences ?? ok for example 80% of the GPU capicity ok it could be a config troubles , but this is totaly insane !! i mine 140Kh/sec with 6 RX560 instead of 1800kh/sec …

btw thx for your answer :blush:

and extra configs i dont think it is the prblm because for example when i try to mine ETH or BTCP or whatever (very easy config with claymore for ex.) it is the same i mine ridiculous , only 10% of the GPU capacity

In fact it seems that RX 560 are not supported by HiveOS … :’(

I did not mine neoscript algo on AMD cards, but if no one can help you, then I’ll try to reproduce and study the situation

i tried everything,
more than 5 hours i am on this !!
i am going crazy !!! :s

I even tried to OC again and again
whatever i do it is ridiculous hash rate lol
I pretty sure AMD drivers for these GPUs are not the good one or something like this… even when i change drivers it is the same that indicated on HiveOS so… i dont understand

As I say before you need to add extra config options

On my rig x6 RX560 I’m got 1,92MH overall or 320KH per card.
I think that you can get more because I’m didn’t touch OC settings which optimized for another algorightm

So, this options is:

"auto-fan": false
"worksize": "128"
"gpu-threads": "1"
"intensity": "14"

I’m using static fan control from AMD OC. You may play with intensity for best results. But I’m think more influence provide by Core Clock my 1050MHz and 2050MHz Micron memory


You’re Genius !!!

it rocks now !!

i just have to OC correctly now

Your cards it’s too hot. In my setup (Sapphire) I’ve got 415W from the wall and no more 52 degree.

Check your OC settings

it is default settings … strange … i will try to find better config , but it is easy now , thx to u !!!

Good luck and happy mining with HiveOS!

thx a lot !!!

I’m played a little with intensity and
“intensity”: “16” - decrease
“intensity”: “12” - add up to 5kH from card

hum , really good to know

Thank you very much !!

For the sake of sporting interest give 330kH per card for RX 560

"worksize": "64"
"gpu-threads": "2"
"intensity": "12"

My Core/Memory 1050/2050 didn’t touch but I’m sure overclock Core may increase

Close topic as solved

Záleží jako přesně rx560 máte. Já mám na 1 GPU 0.350mh/s . Používám claymore neoscrypt AMD GPU miner v1.0 cclock 1330 mclock 1900 pwlimit -10