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[SOLVED] PLEASE HELP! Being billed for a single PC

After a year of mining with my gaming rig, all the sudden I’m being billed. My idle pc’s are used to mine when not in use. Two out of the three pc’s are now being billed. They are single video cards in three different pc’s. What gives? Are we no longer allowed to have 4 workers for free? It would be 10 months before I could get paid through Hivos with 3 single cards.

One worker is free, up to 4 is free if you use hiveon pool. (Which it looks like you’re not using)

Since all the miners are on non-hivoes pools, 2 of them are being charged. Why would I mine single cards on a hiveos pool when it would take nearly a YEAR TO GET A PAYOUT!

I don’t think I understand the issue, if you want to use paid features, you need to pay for hive. You’re welcome to mine to any pool you want, that’s why you have the option, but if you use more than 1 rig and aren’t mining to hiveon pool you’ll be billed for that, that shouldn’t be a surprise as it’s been listed in the pricing section.

Maybe it would be best for you to consolidate your cards into a single rig? Then you won’t need to pay any fees to mine to any pool you choose on that single rig.

The problem i have is I’ve always had 4 workers. 1 rig and 3 pc’s. I’m now for the first time being billed for two of the four. I’ve never used hiveon pools because my hashrate is so low it would take at a minimum over a month with all workers combined just to get a payout.

I’ll just have to find a different mining OS for the two pc’s that are being billed. It just threw me off that I was being billed when its been nearly a year and I’ve never once been billed before.

If you check your billing tab it will have a breakdown of what you’re being billed for. Did you have hiveon pool charging previously enabled and turn it off? That’s another option if you don’t want to pay the 10 cents per rig/day you can enable that toggle and it will mine to hiveon for 3% of the time so you don’t pay out of pocket.

Whatever the default for billing was when I burned the images to the usb drives is what it was set at. Don’t recall changing anything. 3% is way too steep for a desktop pc. especially when the pool/mining software also takes a percentage. I’ll just move them to another mining OS.

All depends on the cards being used. Hive is all about options. You can set it up to best suit your needs. It’s also a product/service that if going beyond the specified free features you will be billed for, 10 cents per day per rig past your free one makes sense if you’re making more than $3/day on that rig, so in your case (using a single card per rig) the 3% would actually cost you have half the fees as paying out of pocket would.

but to utilize the 3% i have to use the hiveos pool per the billing settings. To execute a payment, I’d have to reach 0.1 ETH per PC. I’d be lucky in most cases to get paid once or twice a year. Since these are personal/gaming pc’s, using the hiveos pool is simply not an option with the threshold so high. It’s easier to just remove them. It’s not like they’re paying for the gas in my car each week . If that was the case, I’d gladly pay the fee’s. I get the “if/then” of the billing process now. It’s a bit tricky. Four rigs for free if you use Hiveos pools. Up to Two rigs free for non-hiveos pools. Up to Four rigs free if Two of the Four are on the hiveos pool. otherwise you get billed for anything over Two rigs on non-hiveos pools.

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