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[SOLVED] Mining both GPU and CPU at the same time on the same mining machine


I was wondering if it possible to do this:

I got a CPU Ryzen 5 which can mine cryptonite (near 25$/month income revenu)
On this machine i am mining with my RX580 (it works great) but my question is : with HiveOS , can i mine at the same time cryptonite on my CPU and neoscript or ethash with my GPU , cause i can see that i can add another miner but i cant add another wallet for the new miner …

I hope you understand my question :)))

thx a lot for your help

It’s very simple with HiveOS and “Second miner” mode.
Several easy steps are:

  1. You need to configure the same wallet profile which you are using to mining on GPU.
    For CPU mining configure XMR-STtak or XMRig (my choise).
  2. In web rig control panel click on Second miner and choose CPU miner software
  3. Click to the Rocket and to-the-Mooon )))

Ok but when i do this , if i mine GPU on neoscript , the wallet associated to CPU is also the neoscript wallet
But i want to mine CPU on cryptonite , that’s my problm in fact (cause i did it , i added a second miner -XMR Stack CPU- but i cant associate it with the good wallet)

Ok let’s update our manual )

You need to configure Wallet profile at least for two miners (for example one for GPU and second for CPU). In general it’s doesn’t matter with what algos they are working.
In your case, for example, this is for GPU @ Neoscrypt algo on SG miner (GatelessGate fork) and for CPU mining @ Cryptonight algo on XMRig
First miner you sets as usually - and it’s will be SG miner. Second miner will be XMRig

In dual-miner mode only one rule - we can’t use two the same miner. But this is another story.

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I made screenshot for you

Just perfect !!

Another last rig and i will pay the >3rigs version !!
I am so so so happy with this OS !!


I’m not member of DevTeam

I’m just a kind fairy :stuck_out_tongue:

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trying to do this on a mixed GPU, how to do this in new version of Hiveos?

thanks in advance

very helpful, thank you.
I do have an ignorant question… does my CPU have to have a graphics card built into it?