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[solved] it was bad risers galore

Tittle says it all.
Few Hours ago the rig went down and Wathdog did not reboot.
GPU2 fans were not spinning.
Did a manual Reboot, via Reset Button after trying through HiveOS Webinterface.
Logged into console, watched Phoenixminer start just to crash a few seconds later.
Replaced the Riser for GPU2.
Miner crashed again.
Unpluged all GPU’s except GPU0
Phonixminer starts, runs for a few minutes then crashes / restarts.

Testing ethminer now for over 12m without a crash.

forgot to add, tested with default ROM, default settings too, still crashing

forgot that you can have fresh bad new risers, working again

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I am wondering what type, company, version of riser did you have failed. Please share so other miners would avoid down times. Thank you @eleVadar

Would be tough to answer, which of the suppliers i bought it from. I only have three Rigs. Last purchase to restock Risers was from Aliexpress in 2016. It is not like they have some sort of Unique Identification or do they and you trust the fact that Chinese never copy cat? :wink:
Which ones can you recommend nowadays?