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[Solved] Hiveon Pool Hashrate Graph Chart isn't Shown in Worker's Overview

Hello everyone, my worker’s overview tab doens’t show Hiveon Pool’s hashrate.
After some try I found the reason and a solution.

What I want:
Screenshot from 2021-02-08 20-08-44

The reason is that one of the miners’ worker name has to be the same as the rig’s name.
Instead of assigning other worker name to miner.
These were my fight sheets before:

After changing worker name to rig’s name (actually I changed rig’s name to match worker name),
Hiveon Pool hashrate appears
If you have two (or more, I haven’t tested) miners mining eth, and you don’t want them to have same worker name (which messes up the statistics on the pool’s dashboard), don’t worry.
As long as one miner’s worker name matches the rig’s name, the Hiveon Pool hashrate would be correct.

Not a huge issue, but it did bother me and I couldn’t find a solution elsewhere.

I have same problem and iI will try this.

After one restart same problem. :frowning:

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