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(SOLVED!)Hanging on " [OK] Started Hive. Then a flashing curser

Hey all! As above.

Any ideas? It seems to go through the instalation/unpacking process absolutely fine then hangs on this screen…Any ideas?

Hive is installed onto a Sata SSD

Many thanks

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Did you connect monitor to on-board VGA output? Try connecting it to a GPU connected to a full-sized PCI-E interface. Did you edit rig.conf on SSD after flashing HiveOS, and if so, do you see your rig in Hive Dashboard? Can you ssh into the rig?

Hey Givo, thanks! I literally just did this. All sorted


I’m having the same problem, but unfortunately, I edited the rig.conf file but I don’t see it on the Hive Dashboard, so I can’t ssh into the rig… thoughts?

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