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[SOLVED] "Connection remotely closed"

Hi all! I have just fired up my first rig and have just one RTX 2070 connected currently. I have followed the instructions on how to start mining, but the screen session keeps repeating these four lines:

i 12:37:25 ethminer Selected pool
i 12:37:25 ethminer Connection remotely closed by
i 12:37:25 ethminer Disconnected from
i 12:37:25 ethminer No connection. Suspend mining ...

I’ve looked around for any remedy but am clueless. Any ideas?

I found a solution! I had chosen SSL for the pool, which I still think would be a good idea, but unfortunately it seems to not work. Perhaps one need to add a public key in some end? However, I reconfigured the flight sheet to not use SSL and everything works now.


I did like you man! Should work over SSl :frowning:

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