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[SOLVED] Billed for ALL FOUR Miners

Yesterday I was being billed for two out of 4 rigs since they were all mining at non-hiveos pools. Today ALL FOUR are being billed. WTH?

Under no circumstances should I be billed for the other two after adding funds to the two I was originally billed for!

Why do you have 4 separate farms? Do you have paid features enabled? What does it show in the billing tab in the daily price breakdown?

Same as the other thread, I have only one farm. The other are individual PC’s with a single card in them. A couple hours after adding funds the the two pc’s I was being charged for, the other two started being billed. No services were turned on. So I toggled on the hiveos feature for 3% and they switched back to Free. When I got up this morning , they were being billed AGAIN. Is the toggle broken or what? Single card PC’s shouldn’t be billed for hiveos service anyway. Ever.

It says under Paid Features in green that paid features are on but there is nothing anywhere to shut it off. No amount of googling “Turn off Paid Features for hivoes” produces any productive results.

you have 4 seperate farms based on your screenshot. can you post a screenshot of your billing tab? might be harder to tell with 4 farms instead of a single farm with 4 workers

A pc with a single video card is a farm?

it doesnt need to be, but you created 4 separate farms instead of just adding workers to your existing farm. just complicates things for no reason

So how do I add the 3 PC’s into one farm or all 3 PC’s to my rigs farm? Adding cards to an existing rig is easy. Adding a single pc to an existing farm, cannot find any video or steps that outline that specific need.

you can transfer them in settings

next time you add a pc, click on your farm, then click add worker instead of creating another farm

once you get them all together it will be easier to see whats going on

I’m still going to get bill because I have 4 workers on non-hiveos pools. SMH. If it was one worker, I’d be set. But anything over one non-hiveos pool, you get billed for. $36/yr right?

Like I said, with all of them together it will be easier to see what’s going on in the billing tab

Well it finally updated and changed.


Since all 4 workers are on non-hiveos pools, this is going to cost me up to $144/year?

Yeah it’s billed based on 5 minute usage intervals I believe.

I guess at the end of this month I’ll have to switch over to only hiveos pools. It’s the only way to make a payout each month. If I include the PC’s into the calculation, I barely make the 28 day mark for a payout.

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