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Solo mining coin

Hi all,
I would like to solomine but can’t seem to find the commands which I have to put in the flightsheet,
Can anyone help??
Greetings from Holland

Depends on the coin and pool.

Plsr coin on rplant

Does rplant offer solo mining for pulsar?

Yes, it said solo enabled

Yes, it said solo enabled but I cannot find which commands to run in hiveos

Under the connect tab on your rplant dashboard there should be a miner config generator. If that coin has a solo option it will be listed there, use the info it gives related to the solo command and apply it to your miner config.

Ok, so they use m=solo
Now do I put it in pool server:port:
or in plugin and device

This is my config now:

-p would mean that goes in the password field in your miner config.

Is this how it should be?

According to the generator, yep that looks right.

Alright, I’m gonna try this, thank you for the help, I will let you know if it works​:+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Hiveos Pool server:port:solo+tcps:// Pass: webpassword=lucky

is what you want to put in hiveos webpassword=lucky should be typed into box in hiveos both words and = sign

go to r plant and enter and save your password as lucky start miner and go to rplant connect info center page block should say something like this
| — | — |
|Block time:|75 seconds|
|Payments interval:|60 minutes|
|Minimum payment:|1 PLSR|
|Minimum fixed difficulty:|0.001|
|Pool Fee:|1%|
|Pool Fee solo:|2%|
|Confirmations:|40 blocks|