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Software Alongside hiveos

So i have a question. Not sure if this is the correct category, if not pls redirect me to a more appropriate one.
I want to run software for a new crypto that was luanched in march. Mina Protocol. I want to run a node with a snark worker on my mining rig that currently has 3 gpus mining eth with the cpu just sitting and idling all day. The snark worker would run on the cpu and usually runs on a linux os. So seeing as hiveos is linux based would this be possible? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I posted a similar question. I wanted to run a chia plotter on my GPU box, but have security concerns, because full node would give access to the private key;

  • root password keeps reverting to the default “1” after set passwd
  • “user” is a sudoer set the password in plain text on both the hive website and vnc controller.
  • the hiveos portal can execute sudo functions on the miner

To me, it looks like there is potentially a significant risk of exposure of the private keys with that setup at least. I am looking at madmax as a potential alternative to the full node, but in any case, it seems to me the security risk maybe unacceptably high

okay yeah that will probably also be my main concern

woah. so following the link for the gpu linux source through, the read me says
“Since v0.6-201 source codes no longer updated here”

i am surprised no one has questioned this, or maybe i am looking in the wrong spot, notwithstanding on followed the link from the download page

Does that statement imply capability to add code as this thread discussed?
Does that statement imply a separate and inherent security risk if not mitigated?

I am a bit noobish in this Linux world, as you can tell.

I am no expert, but it looks to me like HiveOS started out as open source, but has since become closed source. Given my earlier points about root, i will probably look for another OS. To sus for my liking

“1. Since v0.6-201 source codes no longer updated here
2. For bug reports and feature requests please write to [email protected]

I installed the mina node through the built in shell terminal on hiveos last night, everything worked fine and as i would expect it from a linux os. So yeah its possible.
I have not looked into the security problems relating to connecting and storing walllet keys on the pc at all though.

I know it is possible, I installed the full gui node, and it is almost fully sync’ing. The problem with installing the full chia node is; you have access to the private keys. As it appears HiveOS provides a backdoor to the box, this is inherently unsafe. I need to investigate if it is possible to install the plotter without requiring the private keys. I am just starting out on the crypto journey, so investigating before i jump in too deep

Yeah to run a snark worker on the mina node i only need a public key, so it seems the security issues wont really be a problem for me.
A suggestion, might be abit dumb :slight_smile: If you create a second user and then only give that user permission to ascess the folder where your private keys are stored? Would it be possible to remove a root users acess to a folder?

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