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Smallfish - Free or paid?

So I’m a smalfish, just 2 rigs. I’m mining eth on the hiveos pool with my main rig. The second rig is a spec miner I use with some smaller 4gb cards. I’d like to mine some ETC on the second rig but dont have a lot of HR for it. The Hive ETC pool min payout is 1 ETC. Other pools go as low as .1. If I keep mining ETH on one rig will I be charged to mine ETC on the second rig using another pool?

1 Rig is always free, HiveOS on your ETC pool of choice.

It sounds like your case, Rig #2 would be running HiveOS mining ETH on HiveOn Pool, which is free up to 4 Rigs.

  • free users can continue using Hive OS for free as long as they have 1 rig;

  • free users who have 2-4 rigs can still use Hive OS for free in case they mine ETH or ETC on Hiveon pool.

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