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Slight jump in invalid shares this morning with Strix RTX3090


I have noticed a jump in invalid shares on my 2 GPUs rig. Usually 0.50 %, today: 2.30 %

I’m running 2 Strix RTX3090 O24G
They are sitting around 39 et 45°C core temp (no memory probe), fans at 85%, pulling 118 mh/s each.

Memory 2000 mhz, core 1100Mhz, they are currently drinking between 304 and 307w each.

I don’t believe this is quite an aggressive OC settings, is it?

Miner’s uptime is 6days,
mining on Hiveon (eu)
Ethminer v0.19.0.2
HiveOS: 0.6-210@210925
nVidia driver 460.84 (early summer 2021)

I assume ethminer v0.19.0.2 is current.

Are there incentives in getting my nVidia driver updated? Is there be such a thing as recommended driver version?

Please, let me know if you have noticed such a jump in invalid shares as well.

Thank you for reading, happy mining! :pick: :pick:

Do you mine to Hiveon?

My rigs are going nuts this morning as well. My stale shares are 4x their usual and where I was getting 1-4 invalids per day and now I have over 100 already today. All of my rigs are throwing the same number of invalids, where before one of my older rigs was the culprit.

When I checked pings to the pools I noticed my pings way higher than previously. Switched my rigs over to another network, same issue.

If the invalids suspicion is Pool server, might be worth pointing at another location even if the stales creep up.

US-East does not seem to have any issues and these are coming from (2) different ISPs, locations, etc:
Image 10-8-21 at 10.47 AM

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Thanks, I’ll point to US East and see what happens. 143 invalids now. This is nuts.

Update: Swapping to US East seems to have fixed the majority of my issues. Guess I was too busy thinking it was an issue on my end. Thanks Grea.

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I’m mining on Hiveon indeed, @ForgottenNavigator , see stats here.

Yesterday, I lowered OC (mem from 2000 to 1900, core from 1100 to 1030), changed the pool url to the US East ones and my invalid shares rate hasn’t moved: I’m around 2.28 % still.

I have lowered them even more today. I’ll see what happens, eventually switching to Canada URLs later to day, stay tuned :crossed_fingers: :pick: :pick:

Edit: After 4 hours with 1000 mhz core and 1800mhs memory, I dropped to 1,70% invalid shares on US East. I’m now going to shift back to EU hiveon pool adresses.

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