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Show nvidia VRAM temps in the hiveos GUI (provided by miners now)

could you please implement the VRAM temperature in the GUI and stats, since t-rex and other nvidia miners provide the data now (for GDDR6X cards)?


I think it’s already there in the latest t-rex miner (not sure if other miners does this function).
If you take a look at t-rex log, now we have two temperatures, the second one I believe is the VRAM temperature, cause it’s same high on my Windows box.

---------------------20220330 09:19:08 ---------------------
Mining at [], diff: 4.29 G
GPU #0: RTX 3090       - 121.74 MH/s, [T:65/104C, P:329W, F:88%, E:370kH/W], 4762/4766 R:0.08% I:0%

T-Rex and some other miners have modified their software to pull and display temperature data in the miner interfaces(mining client/web client/etc.)

Temperature data is not included in Hiveon Supported dashboard as indicated in the post above.

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