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Should I bios mod rx 5700xt and change thermal pads?

So I just purchased a rig with six 5700xt cards. When I flashed the HDD, unbeknownst to me, it set the miner as trex (I guess because I have other miners running trex). I changed the flight sheet and it seemed like it was going to be fine; however, all the card memory temps jump up to over 100 and the cards overheat/crash. It does this even without overclocking. I put a pretty good sized fan on the miner and it didn’t really change the temps. As a side note, I have screenshots of the miner running at 55m/h per card across the board with temps in the 80s prior to me purchasing it.

  1. could the trex have messed anything up?
  2. would it benefit me to change the thermal pads/paste (they’re all MSI cards with micron memory)
  3. should I mod the bios?
    a) if so, how do I do this? I mean i can see tutorials all over the place, but can I do it from the miner itself or would I need to plug the cards into an empty slot on my PC?
  4. I have one card that was being recognized but wouldn’t mine. Now, it’s not showing up at all. I have narrowed down which card it is by testing one at time. I’ve did some troubleshooting using different slots/cables but nothing worked for it.
    Thanks for any help!

Btw, when I changed the flight sheet from trex, I changed it to my phoenix miner setup.

Trex doesn’t do amd cards at all, so not sure how you managed any hashrate on those with trex. Default settings are good for gaming, but terrible for mining.

Bios mod is worth doing, you don’t have to remove it from your rig. Should be plenty of videos on modding it and then flashing within hive os (under the overclocking tab, it’s straight forward)

If the card isn’t showing up, rule out all other variables besides the card itself. Riser/cables/etc

There was no hash rate with trex, I could just see all 6 cards. Wouldn’t mine at all. Mined when switched flight sheet to phoenix but will overheat in 2 minutes.

So I’ve been looking for hours on how to Bios Mod the cards. Only info I’ve found is to install windows on an SSD attached to the miner and go about it this way. I’m guessing there is no way to do it without installing windows since you need webpage access and whatnot?

To mod the bios you’ll need to use windows, to flash it you can leave the card in the rig and do it all from the hive dashboard.

Is it still overheating? Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen?

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