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Shares fall down

Does anyone have a solution for this.
Shares has fallen in the last 7 days for no reason.
Miner : MiniZ
Pool : Hiveon

I hope the answer given to ‘aharrison’ by the support explains all this and that everything will be back to normal quickly because for me it started right after the last update of my rigs …

Control your payouts. Do you think is there any changes? i think there is not big diffeeences like accepted shares. Please leave a comment.

So here is the support chat from today at around 10:30am Central (CST) (09/25/2021).

I’ll try again tomorrow.


Ok so I checked again with support. Here is a link to their announcements as well.


A small analysis of daily earnings:
Until  09/05/2021                  0.00346 ETH / day
From 09/05/2021 to 09/23/2021      0.00318 ETH / day
From 09/23/2021 to 09/27/2021      0.00293 ETH / day
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