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Share accepted in 3000 ms (after 12 hours of accepting in 70 ms average)

Hello, after few hours of accepting shares in 70 ms average, I wake up for second time to see my mining rig slow accepted shares, i see from 200 to 3000 ms.

6 530 Valid Shares over 24h
119 1.79% Stale Shares over 24h
9 0.14% Invalid Shares over 24h

Is this normal? Should I restart rig if i see above 200 ms? In What speed you guys are accepting shares?

Newbie here

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This is a network problem, not a RIG problem.
Stale and Invalid shares are seen by the pool, not the RIG. And i don’t think that the RIG itself is the problem but more the network from it to the pool. It can be a problem :

  1. Rig -> your router : this is YOUR problem
  2. Router -> your pool : this is an ISP problem
  3. The Pool -> Ask to them


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From your very first screenshoot you can see that your problems happens at the same time (end of the graph).
Maybe that at THIS TIME, you’ll have a connexion problem, or another usage in the house that draw bytes ?

I have 300mbps download and 200 upload speed, Even if I start to download - there should not be a problem. And at this time nothing was running that can draw bytes.

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