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Sgminer not reporting temp graphs on 2nd AMD GPU on mixed card rig (AMD + nvidia)

I have a rig with three cards. One nVidia (GPU 0 usin c cminer) and two AMD (RX 570s using sgminer) for some reason the temps for the second AMD card (GPU 2) does not display in the overview GUI. Has anyone had this issue?
Any help would be appreciated.

Ok… I may not have given enough info.
I am mining ravencoin.
It seems as though when my rig is running it is seeing the nvidia card as GPU 0 and my AMD cards as GPU 0 and 1.
I am new to this so please bear with me.
When Hive OS boots up it lists GP 0 as the nvidia card and GPU 1 and GPU 2 as the AMD cards.
I tried setting the devices param in the (AMD)sgminer config as “device”: “1,2” and the (nvidia) ccminer config as “devices”: “0”
but this just causes the sgminer to throw the error “Command line options set a device that doesn’t exist”.

Also I should say that all cards appear to be mining correctly.
I am just speculating that the confusion over having two GPU 0’s could be causing the interface to be reporting the fan temps and speeds incorrectly and in some cases not at all as is the cases as is the case for the second GPU 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated