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Sgminer not mining

Hi, I’m successfully mining ethash using claymore only (ethminer didn’t work).

How can I use HiveOS to mine any other algorithms?

I’m trying to setup a Flight Sheet for the Innova cryptocurrency and I cannot figure out what am I doing wrong. Miner log says:

Fork version:
[2018-09-01 20:24:17] Log date is now 2018-09-01
[2018-09-01 20:24:17] Set default algorithm to neoscrypt (B)0?1049h4rlHJB
[2018-09-01 20:24:17] Started sgminer 5.5.6-gm
[2018-09-01 20:24:17] * using Jansson 2.7
sgminer exited, waiting to cooldown a bit

To me this looks like something is wrong, but there is no error message so I’m totally lost.

Does anybody know if sgminer should work out of the box or do I need to do some tweaking?

This forum seems quite dead :frowning: