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Sgminer 5.5.6: cannot mine other CN V7 coins than Monero

I saw in the latest ver of HiveOS sgminer-gm was updated to the ver 5.5.6 to support cryptonote v7 algo. What you need to do is to put “monero”: “true” in wallet config. I tried but it seems only monero is possible to mine because all the other V7 coins are rejecting my shares. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you.

I see when I mine monero sgminer says “switch to monero variant 1” while when I switch to any other V7 coins it says “switch to monero variant 0”. Then I thought (leaving the “monero”: “true” option there) to add “variant”: “1” and restart the miner but it doesn’t change anything.

Also have similar issue.
I can mine to monero V7 by placing “monero”: “true” and during start up I see “switch to monero variant 1” so everything is ok here.

For other CNV7 coins I still see “switch to monero variant 1” but all shares are being rejected. No idea why it’s not working.