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Setup rig

I had 5 gpu’s I have split them in 2 rigs now but the new rig doesn’t work properly look at the screenshot I don’t understand it’s the same flight sheet as the other rig what is going wrong?

Bunch of things I see that could use work.

Don’t use ethminer, it’s outdated and unsupported. Instead, trex, gminer or lolminer are all good options.

Change your overclocks to locked core clocks instead of negative offsets, around 1140mhz will be plenty to get the full hashrate on a 3090.

And always make sure to upgrade your software

Thanks for your replay I shall try to use something else then ethermine I tried to update hiveos but I couldn’t. Can you guide me to change my overclocks to locked core clocks I did not understand what to do there

Ethermine, the pool is fine to use.

Ethminer, the miner software you have picked is not what you want to use.

Remove the -200 and replace with 1140

I have change the miner to lolminer but it’s stil the same is there something else why this can happen

Like I said I used two 3070 en Three 3090 in one rig I have now 2 motherboards I have split them but everything should be okay

If that’s the first time setting that miner you have to wait for it to download and install. Also make sure to update your hive to the latest version for best results

Do you now how long it can take until it will start mining

depends on your internet, usually less than 5 minutes. you can open the miner inside the shell and see what its saying if its not starting

I think I found the problem I have a problem with my motherboard.

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