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Setup funding wallet in hive

How do I set up my wallet for hive so I can see my funds. And I had another question, can I make more solo or do I have to join a pool? Rn I have 3 ASIC miners. S9J 14.5Th/s and 2 S19 Pro 104 Th/s. I’m thinking I’m pushing 230 Th/s. How much will that make in a month?

Are you wanting to add funds to pay for your hiveon os usage? That is done under the billing tab in your farm.

If you hit a solo bitcoin block you’d make 6.25 btc, or around $186,000. Your odds are about 1/1,800,000 for each block at current difficulty.

Plug in your hashrate into whattomine or any other profit calc website for estimated earnings on a pool

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