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Settings RTX 3090

Hello, looking for best settings for my cards. Cards was working for around 10hours with these settings:
Fan: 100%, Core: 1200, Memory: 2600 and I got 124.2 mh/s on each card, i think it is the safest settings for cards.

But I tried memory: 2950 and rig worked for 2hours without problem

Anyone can share a tip which way should I go with the settings? I saw a lot of settings where ppl get 310-315 watts with more than 121 mh/s

find the mem clock you want to run/highest thats stable/highest you want to push it etc.

then reduce core clock until you start losing hashrate, dont just stop at 1200.

when i set under 1200 core clock i lose hashrate, i would like to set mem clock that the cards can work as long as possible, i changed thermalpads on backplate and cards had 94-106c temp.

How much did you go below 1200?

1150 and losing 2-3 mhs

Go by increments of 15mhz, and you are restarting the miner each change right?

I tried with 10mhz, im waiting 10 min when applied new settings. No changes 1190-1160
Tomorrow I will add 6 fans to the back of the rig and put it in a cooler location

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