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Setting up two Miners for the Same Coin (Eth) , same pool (HiveOn) but different Wallets

Hi All,

I have tried to set up the following scenario:

1 rig
Flightsheeet has two miners:
1 for PhoenixMiners with GPUs 1-7, pool Hiveon, walet “A”
2 for TeamRedMiner with GPUs 8-9, pool Hiveon, wallet “B”

I am facing a problem when seeing the Hiveon pool stats, where it only shows one of the miners stats

I contacted support and they
1- reset my counters
2- Advised this change: The problem is most likely in the same worker name for both miners. try to add manually, please, to one of the miners, additional symbols through a dot, for example

I tried the fix but it didn’t give me much so I rolled back.

Currently this is what I see as my HashRates

My Hiveon Pool shows the following stats:

This is the relevant part of my flight sheet:

Any advice on how to get this working?

Extra Information:
I know how to set two miners for different GPUs for Eth. The issue is the HiveOn pool stats.

Well, I figured it out!!!

And I am ashamed to say it was there all along

For those who do this, all you have to do to see your two/three or whatever number of hiveon pools for different wallets is pressing the three dots next to the hiveon pool

Then you can switch between HiveON Pools Graphs/data.

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