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Setting up altcoins like RVN and FIRO on 2miners or zergpool using Team Red Miner?

For Team Red Miner I followed instructions here How to Start Mining RVN - Best Ravencoin RVN Mining Pool - 2Miners and it indicates you need to use YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.RIG_ID
I set this up in my profile on hive but get 0 hash/s and running a shell the miner indicates it is constantly restarting. This indicates to me that the format that hiveos is sending to the miner is wrong, but how do I check that? Does anyone here have a working configuration for 2miners with either of these coins?

I also tried zergpool with their generator on the front page, passed in the extra arguments c=FIRO,mc=FIRO as well as just the wallet address as they indicate yet I get the same results as 2miners.

I am however able to use teamredminer with Nanopool to mine RVN with a known good configuration for this pool when I was doing eth.

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