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Setting TIMEOUT on Qinheng hl340 China_dogs?

I got the USB Qinheng hl340 Watchdog working. However, I hit a wall and need help.
The problem is the TIMEOUT is being set to 910 second every time I do a fresh boot
(15 minutes to long). I was looking at other script like “” where it looks
Like TIMEOUT is being set. I am still new and any advice would help.

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I found the LINUX software (drivers, shell scripts files, and manual) to control the Qinheng watchdog.
Tested it on my Ubuntu Laptop it works. I can control the time for reboot.
Would Hive be interested?
Is there anyone else interested?

Still learning
New kid on the Block

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I’m having a issue. When I try to use any command, such as “ping”, “restart” or “power”, it says:

“stty: /dev/china_dog0: invalid argument”

And then starts pinging the hardware that blinks. But “restart” and “power” commands don’t work.

At “” I already removed all the others bus ID leaving only the hardware watchdog ID and got the same results.

Could you please help me to fix it?

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