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Setting lower PL value than minimum PL limit?

I set 60W for GTX1060 3GB Zotac Amp Edition and increased MEMORY to 1400. No any error. Everything is OK. But the minimum PL limit for MSI is different. What will happen if i set 60W ? it is lower value than default one.

For Zotac GTX160 3GB Amp Edition
Minimum 60W
Default 120W
Maximum 140W

For MSI GTX160 3GB Gaming X
Minimum 100W
Default 120W
Maximum 140W

NVidia drivers has protection from a fool: If you try to set value lower or higher the min/max border then value will be set it’s as default.
So if you try set to your MSI GTX160 3GB Gaming X for example PL as 75W (min PL 100W for this model) , then actually you get 200W (default PL value for this card)