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Server won't boot with a second 6600 XT


i am running HiveOS on my Unraid Server as an VM. Works fine with one 6600 xt on HiveVM and the iGPU (from my Intel CPU) for Docker Containters and other VMs.

Last week i got a second 6600 xt, but when i connect the GPU, the Server won’t boot up.
The Fans starts, i hear my HDDs, but i don’t get a Picture on the Monitor from the iGPU. Also i can wait for 20 minutes i can’t ping the Server or something else will recognize.
If i disconnect just the USB Connector from one of the Riser (dosen’t matter which one), the Server will boot and i see a picture on the Monitor (BIOS, etc).

-CPU:* Intel Core i5-10400

-RAM:* 2x16GB Crucial CT2K16G4DFRA266

-M/B:* ASRock > H470M-ITX/ac

-PSU:* Corsair SF600 Watt 80 PLUS® Platinum (äte/Hochleistungs-Netzgeräte/SF-Series/p/CP-9020182-EU)

-HBA:* IBM ServeRaid M1015 SATA / SAS HBA Controller (IT Mode)

-2x500GB** CT500MX500SSD1
-2x10TB** WD100EFAX
-2x4TB** WD40EFRX

-2x M.2 PCIe Riser (CHIPAL 60CM VER008S NGFF M.2 M Schlüssel zu PCI E 16X Riser Karte Adapter PCIE Extender mit SATA 6Pin 4Pin power für GPU Video Karte|16x riser card|ngff m.2pcie extension - AliExpress)

The HBA is connected to the PCIe x16 Port.
The two 6600xt are connect to the m.2 to pcie riser. Both risers connected with molex 6p.

I hope you can help me.

so, deactivating CSM did the trick.

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