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Server psu

Ok so I’m just curious why are the power connectors on breakout boards 6-pin to 8-pin can it power a 130watt gpu? why is it 6-pin doesn’t 6-pin only do 75 watts? I’m confused. wont that burn the cable drawing 130 watts from it???

75w for 6 pin is pretty underrated. 8 pin and 6 pin both only have 3 12v + wires so technically they can do the same as an 8 pin can. Look up the size of the wire, and the amp rating per wire, that should give you an idea of what the wire is physically capable of.

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@keaton_hiveon thanks. Thought I was crazy for thinking there shouldn’t be a difference between the power draw for the 6 and 8-pin connector. Don’t understand why they didn’t use a fourth +12 cable on the 8.

The only thing I can figure out is that the 8-pin allows it to be better seated, thus allowing better contact between the pins. However, many psu provide a 6+2 so not sure how true that is.

The +2 in a 6+2 are treated more like sense pins, so that the device knows it can use as much power as needed from that cable. Some 6 pins will be only spec’s to the 75w and not be up to the task.

that makes more sense. thanks

Thank you! I’m wondering if I should buy a breakout board that comes with cables or buy some separate cables. any advice?

Really depends on the price and cables and length etc. see what’s the best deal for you

Ok! I found a breakout board with cables for $22 USD and a server psu for about $19.95 (750 watt) I guess I’ll just go with the one that comes with cables for less hassle. I’m not really worried about the wires as my splitter setup is probably more dangerous lol. Thank you for all your help!!

Yeah that seems pretty fair, for what its worth you may be able to find a 1200 for just a little more. Last one I bought on eBay was around 33 bucks I believe. ( slightly more efficient, only 900w on 110v tho, 1200 if on 220v)

Ok I might see if I can get a 1200 instead of a 750 since I could only do about 600 something safely on a 750 and I think I’m going to be using more than that fairly soon. I got my rig running (splitter setup):smiley:

Saw this, but not sure I trust it. Unless the psu can adjust the voltage to match that of the others, it would cause problems. If one of the psu could serve as a master and the others try to match the voltages, it would be a better solution.

At least this provides all the psu a common ground reference

Here they talk about sharing loads among several psu

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That’s how server psus are intended to work, as redundant/backups

You can run them by themselves though right?

Yep, just talking about in actual servers they’ll always be in redundant setups, Octominers use a similar style breakout board that’s integrated into their mining cases. You can use 1 or multiple psus on any rig, even with separate breakout boards.

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Yes, but think that you need to interconnect the extra pins, not just the power outputs. Otherwise the loads don’t balance nicely

My guess is that the breakout boards only connect the pins to activate the output, no option to interconnect the sense pins.

see 8.1

This is a simple example of what happens when there is an unbalance somewhere

Ok! good to know thank you guys so much for your help!

Ok here i am again with annoying noob questions lol. i found a hp1200W switching power supply for 29.99 free shipping from a reputable seller. would that work? or does it need to be something special? (sorry for being a noob :frowning: )

think server supplies are around that price. You will need a compatible breakout board. Also it doesn’t provide 1.2 kW at 110V, check the specs

Keep in mind these are noisy psu

I wish I were on 240V but :frowning: as long as I can get around 900 watts I should be fine since I’m not going to me using very power-hungry cards and noise shouldn’t be a big issue as long as it’s not deafening

yeah thats about the going rate, thats what i run.