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Sero Mining Pool Error in T-Rex or XMrig

Hi hope all are well!
I’m having this issue with the recommended sero pools on both T-Rex and xmrig. I tried both the public address and the collection address in my wallet. Not sure what the problem could be.
Thanks in advance!

I have another picture with Gongpool and xmrig, yet I can only upload one as a new user

Make sure you use --coin sero in T-Rex

I managed to get it running with TT-miner, T-Rex didnt work with “–coin sero” or “-coin sero”. The issue now is, when I use my public address, it won’t start mining, and if I use my collection address, it works, but I don’t see anything in my wallet, though I can see the payouts on gongpool

any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

try it “coin”: “sero”

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