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SERO mining on NVIDIA 30 series cards not successful

Hi I’m attempting to mine SERO on hiveos to no avail. I have tried as advised on YouTube videos and a few different miners but I am getting these errors with no hashrate:

Failed to compile ProgPow kernel: CUDA NVRTC error in func compileProgPowKernel at line 337 calling compileResult failed with error NVRTC_ERROR_INVALID_OPTION


Unexpected error CUDA error in func set_constants at line 1119 invalid device symbol on CUDA device 01:00.0 (Both of the two devices on this machine)

Using etherminer_serominer v.0.3.0 at the moment with hiveos 5.6.0-200909 beta #2
Nvidia driver 525.60.11

Looking for any advice on resolving this to get back to mining thank you.

So I tried TT miner randomly and error is resolved. Mining now :pick:

have they updated the wallet? I tried it a while ago, but never got it running

This is my first time trying it and the wallet had a coin entry for SERO if that’s what you’re asking. All systems go.

I’ve been mining since this morning but I still don’t have a deposit on my wallet from the pool. I hope that’s not going to be my next issue.

you need a wallet address. Sero had 3 options, but I haven’t had any luck with any of these recently. Besides they haven’t updated them in a while, at least since '21

Thanks for the links! The wallet I’m using right now is on MEXC. I have not received a payout yet but SERO is listed on this exchange. I have been tracking my wallet on the pool and it seems relatively normal but my hashrate is probably 1/3 of what it was for ethw. I’ll keep you updated. I’ll check those links out if my first payout fails.

in general it isn’t a good idea to mine to an exchange wallet.

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Good point. I had forgotten about that.