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SERO Flight Sheets for

Please tell me how to set up miner config according to the pool:
T-Rex.exe -a ProgPOW - COOIN SERO -O STRATUM + TCP: // 8808 -U адрес --P X -W worker

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Haven’t used it in a while, but this used to be my setup

t-rex N
Url stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp://
Algo progpow
Pass x
Template %WAL%
User Config "coin": "sero" "lhr-tune": "-1"

Thank you very much. Everything worked ))

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Thanks, this helped me as well.

I cant mine with my AMD cards , Trex and nvidia totaly fine but AMDs not

i try Srbminer, ethminer, NBminer 39.5 all but it not works at all, with nbminer job found but share at all, with SRBminer i have invalid login
but in windows every thing is fine with SRBminer, i dont know why!!!
if anyone can help i preciated

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