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Selfupgrade 0.5-73 grub-pc failure

I’m trying to upgrade from 0.5-72 to 0.5-73 and selfupgrade shows me this screen
and then
Is it ok? If so, which second screen option do I have to choose?

This may relate to this topic:

Thanks for reply!
When I tried to run selfupgrade from web - nothing happened. The label that indicates upgrading process just disappeared a mintue later. I’ve got these screens from teleconsole.
So, none of Configuring grub-op options is acceptable and I have to skip it and use the proposed command? Right? I can check it tonight

Try this one with teleconsole
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

didn’t help

This command will upgrade all packages, is it safe? Will hive keep working then?

This upgrades ubuntu too. I’m using that command all the time.