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Security or am I missing something

  • miner makes its connection via http and not https
  • miner uses “1” as root password
  • root access is granted from/through the web console to “user” which is also sudoer
  • hiveos related addresses not reachable via vpn only via direct wan connection

Am I missing something, or does this seem like an open invitation for you to be hacked, have the wallet changed, etc.

Definitely want to adjust the defaults. A few bits in the guides pulled from Discord pinned:

changing the password is no use, because;
a) the root password is still “1”
b) the password for “user” is store on the HiveOS system and is a sudoer
c) the communications for the HiveOS miner is using http instead of https
d) the “user” password use set, is stored in plain text for the VNC user

I will check those posts anyway, just in case i am missing something. thanks

p.s. you don’t need to turn on HiveOS VPN if you are using one already at the router.
But of course, the servers are not accepting connections from well known VPN provider and if you set the VPN up on the miner, then you are also giving your VPN username and password away.

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